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CAR MIX OIL - 10ml

CAR MIX OIL - 10ml

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The composition of essential oils "Car mix oil" from the Austrian brand-manufacturer "STYX Naturcosmetic" is intended for those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel. The composition includes natural, essential oils (lemongrass, geranium, lemon, leuzea, pine, rosemary, fennel, eucalyptus, myrtle, lemon balm), the action of which is aimed at a significant increase in concentration, an increase in reaction speed, memory enhancement, elimination of asthenia, decline in vital strength / energy, overwork, depression, headache.


- Stimulates microcirculation, gives the skin a homogeneous color, freshness, deodorizes the body, eliminating hyperhidrosis and bromodosis.

- Normalizes liposecretion of the sebaceous glands, tightens pores, an ideal additive in cosmetics for oily skin and hair care.

- Increases the tone of the muscular apparatus of the hair, eliminates the symptoms of alopecia.

- The mixture is also effective for neurodermatitis, weeping dermatitis.

- Acclimatizing agent, eliminates the dependence of well-being on weather conditions.

- It has an antiviral, immunostimulating effect, effective for influenza, herpes, shingles.

- Quickly restores strength after illnesses, injuries, operations, eliminates the breakdown, provides a surge of energy.

- Cardiotonic, angiotonic, vasoconstrictor.

- Facilitates attacks of palpitations, "angina pectoris".

- Antisclerotic.

- Optimizes blood circulation, including the phenomena of peripheral insufficiency (with phlebitis, endarteritis, varicose veins).

- Eliminates tissue trophic defects.

- Anticonvulsant.

- A mixture of essential oils improves visual acuity, eliminates eye fatigue.

- Analgesic effect for headaches, joint pain, abdominal colic.

- Stops toothache.

- Potentiates the work of the digestive organs.

- Alcohol antidote.

- Eliminates bad breath.

- Anti-traumatic - eliminates bruising and swelling in the area of ​​injury.

- Effective in hypermenorrhea, menopausal disorders.

- Has analgesic, antispasmodic effect.

- Eliminates spastic phenomena of the bronchopulmonary system, facilitates breathing.

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