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COOL & HOT GEL - 150ml

COOL & HOT GEL - 150ml

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Cool & Hot Gel burns fat, corrects stagnant processes, improves muscle tone, removes toxins. Due to the contrasting action of cooling and warming essential oils, it activates metabolism, microcirculation and lymphatic drainage. Strengthens the muscular corset. 

Activates metabolism. Replacing each other, contrasting thermal processes (from warming to cooling) work as a good charge for the body, restoring healthy tissue trophic, burning fat, increasing skin elasticity, and strengthening the muscle corset.  

Action time — up to 4 hours. 

Ingredients: Rosemary, nicotinic acid, mint, eucalyptus, horse chestnut extract, fucus extract.

Application: Cool & Hot Gel is used in the STYX body shaping programs as a pad or corset cream, and can also be used after a massage to enhance the anti-cellulite effect.

 Recommended for home care in a volume of 150 ml: apply 1-2 times a day to problem areas after a shower / before playing sports — to increase their efficiency

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