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Pure Essential Oil Wintertraum - Warms, helps with chills, trembling, colds. Tones the skin, eliminates cellulite, stretch marks and scars. Stimulates the synthesis of the energy of optimism, develops a positive outlook on things, eliminates depression, asthenia, chronic fatigue syndrome, fears, resentment. Quickly fills the reserve of strength in case of overwork, chronic fatigue.

Tones, refreshes, fortifies the skin, eliminates climatic dermatitis. Evens out the relief of the epidermis. Eliminates puffiness, promotes narrowing of pores, resolves inflammatory elements on the skin. Eliminates bacterial and viral dermatitis. A powerful anti-cellulite, lipolytic, lifting agent that eliminates stretch marks. Effective for keratoses, calluses, corns. Strengthens, saturates hair with strength, deprives dandruff.


The composition includes natural, essential oils (sweet, bitter and red orange, spruce, cinnamon, pine, tangerine, cedar, kayaput, cloves, rosemary), the complex action of which is aimed at stimulating vital energy, warming, eliminating chills, trembling, resisting colds . It has soothing, warming, tonic, refreshing, smoothing, decongestant, pore-constricting, antibacterial, bactericidal, antiviral, absorbable,

anti-inflammatory, lipolytic, anti-cellulite, lifting, firming, anti-cold, immunostimulating, healing, healing, antispasmodic, myotonic, anti-traumatic, antioxidant, erostimulating properties.

Cosmetic action:

For hair - strengthening the follicles, getting rid of dandruff.

For the body - the fight against cellulite, stretch marks, calluses, corns. In addition, it fills the heart with happiness, a festive mood, returns optimism, fights chronic fatigue, self-pity, irritability, anger.

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