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Essential oil Patchouli STYX 100% :

- moisturizes, regenerates, restores capricious, damaged skin.

- eliminates inflammation, irritation and peeling.

- heals cracks in the skin, eliminates keratoses.

- effective for eczematous and allergic dermatitis.

- increases muscle elasticity, tightens tissues, has an anti-cellulite effect, helps to lose weight.

- strengthens, regenerates hair, makes them shiny, eliminates dandruff.

- has a fungicidal effect.

Healing indications for the use of Patchouli essential oil:

- tonic, immunostimulating, antiviral agent.

- effective for colds, flu, herpes, shingles.

- eliminates runny nose.

- anti-epidemic.

- has an antispasmodic effect, helps with vascular crises, vegetovascular dystonia.

- eliminates headache, dizziness, sensorimotor disorders.

- angiotonic, vasoconstrictor - effective for varicose veins, hemorrhoids.

- optimizes digestion.

- decongestant, diuretic.

- eliminates inflammation of the urogenital area (cystitis, urethritis, colpitis, prostatitis, salpingo-oophoritis, endometritis).

-,normalizes the menstrual cycle, eliminates PMS, whites.

- restores hormonal balance, stimulates the synthesis of sex hormones.

- erotic stimulant (eliminates sexual coldness and impotence), stimulates sexual longevity.

Obtaining patchouli essential oil: water-steam distillation of the fermented leaves of Pogostemon patchouli (Lamiaceae family).

Psycho-emotional correction: tones up, gives a surge of strength, vigor, optimism. Antidepressant. Activates intellectual activity, imagination, intuition. Eliminates obsessive thoughts, failure expectation syndrome.

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