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Interesting facts about essential oils from STYX:
Essential oils - the fragrant essence and soul of plants - are volatile oils from the blossoms, leaves, peel, roots, fruits or seeds of certain plants. Obtained by distillation or cold pressing, STYX Natural Cosmetics essential oils are 100% natural, pure, without the addition of synthetic substances.
Aromatherapy is an application to increase well-being by means of essential, ethereal oils. Essential oils are used in aroma care - for massages or aromatic full baths - as care for the skin or with the fragrant power of plants and as natural perfume to stimulate and activate all the senses.
STYX essential oils have a holistic effect on people - beneficial for body, mind & soul.

The valuable thing about STYX essential oils:
⦁ 100 % natural oils
⦁ high quality of the raw materials
⦁ production by steam distillation or cold pressing
⦁ undiluted and unmixed
⦁ bottled in Austria

What to bear in mind when using them:
With all essential oils, it is important to handle with care.
Essential oils are concentrates! Avoid contact with skin and mucous membranes if undiluted.
Please always use diluted, for skin care always mix with the STYX Basic base oil and follow the dosage recommendation on the respective product!
Do not get in eyes or on injured skin.
Store out of reach of children. Do not swallow. Store in a cool place.
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