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The oil is produced by the method of "cold distillation" from natural raw materials. The product is non-toxic. Does not contain preservatives, impurities, not diluted. Conforms to the requirements of natural ORGANIC products. It has a light consistency, fluid, volatile, colorless or a light, barely perceptible greenish tint. Envelops with a cold, tart, rich aroma. When used on the skin, numbness is felt, tingling for 2-3 minutes is a normal natural reaction.


- for the treatment of colds;

- with tonsillitis, tracheitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, tonsillitis, rhinitis;

- to restore the voice;

- with paradanthosis, gingivitis, caries, stomatitis, bad breath;

- with enzymatic deficiency;

- to normalize intestinal motility;

- to relieve swelling in the legs;

- with dysfunction of the female reproductive system;

- to normalize the menstrual cycle, increase the tone of the uterus, to stop lactation;

- to increase potency, for erotic stimulation.

 Cosmetic effect:

- to strengthen curls, return them vitality and strength;

- to eliminate dandruff;

- to care for problem skin, eliminate acne;

- to eliminate body odor.

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